Rafael Castellanos Announces Hope & Home Housing Plan

We need big, bold action - not half measures - to deliver the affordable housing working families in San Diego desperately need. My affordable housing plan offers hope to struggling working families and makes large-scale construction of desperately needed affordable housing possible. It includes $1 billion for neighborhood infrastructure improvements, which is the turbocharge needed to deliver tens of thousands of affordable homes throughout San Diego. If we don’t take action now, the housing crisis will continue to worsen and our workforce and kids will keep getting squeezed out of San Diego.

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  • catherine stiefel
    commented 2019-07-15 13:24:14 -0700
    Dear Mr. Castellanos: Your Hope and Home Housing plan would address a long-ignored need of the region, if effective. Lots of talk in recent memory from political candidates with no solutions implemented. In fact plenty of high cost housing has been build in recent decades while the middle, lower and poor experience increasing difficulty finding adequate, affordable housing. However, your plan (which I read in summary in this news item) is short on specifics, other than stating a $1 billion bond would be needed and that you would cut red tape. Every candidate might say the same. Get money and make it easier for developers to move ahead quickly. That’s been the operating process to date.
    I see the problem as there being too many ways to circumvent a system for permits and approvals to do things the right way. Too many projects are approved as renovations while everyone knows they are new construction. Huge projects are build downtown and along the waterfront that benefit wealthy landowners and developers, while worsening the low-income earner housing shortage and the homeless problem. Where are the additional workers supposed to live? How are they going to travel to work affordably in a city and county without modern, efficient transportation. Business as usual; developers rule San Diego County.
    Now, even more high elevation structures and waterfront construction is planned for residential areas near the coast. How would this help alleviate the dearth of homes for hard working middle and low income families? It won’t. It will contribute to the breakdown of existing residential areas (these are neighborhoods where people live their lives) and leave the affordable housing problem worse off.
    I would like to see your Hope and Home Housing Plan get specific on where these opportunity zones would really be located, what they would look like and how they would be implemented. How long would voters be burdened with the bill for the housing bond in order to resolve this current and entrenched housing issue? The money would be well worth it if the result was true livable, affordable housing within the lifetimes of people currently living and working in San Diego county.
    Respectfully, cmstiefel