Standing Up For South Bay

I’m running to build a brighter economic future for South Bay families and ensure all our communities are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

I’ll take on the politics as usual downtown, which has shortchanged South Bay for decades, and stand up against the divisive politics of Trump, which threaten our community’s basic values.

Unlike the usual crowd of political operatives and career politicians, I’ve actually gotten things done in the real world.

At the Port of San Diego, I led the fight to clean up San Diego Bay.  As an Attorney, I’ve helped small businesses create jobs and protected the rights of immigrants.  

As your County Supervisor, I’ll put my proven record to work to:

  •      Create good jobs for working people
  •      Expand affordable housing for local families
  •      Protect clean air and clean water for all
  •      Defend the rights of all San Diegans

I’ll fight every day to build a brighter future for our community.  And I’ll never back down from Standing Up For South Bay.